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Sveiki! Mani sauc Olita un es esmu zīmēšanas skolotāja Latgales priekšpilsētas un Mārupes mūzikas un mākslas skolās. Skolā ir profesionālās ievirzes mācību programma, kas sagatavo bērnus tālākai profesionālās mākslinieciskās izglītības iegūšanai. Vecums ir dažāds, no 7 līdz 16.

Manus darbus var apskatīt šeit:

Hi, my name is Olita and I am an art teacher at the art school in Riga and here I am showcasing some of the work we have done together with the kids. The kids I teach are of different ages (7 -16). They do have educational program that prepares them for entering further professional art training at the college level, if they wish to continue on this path. In my lessons I combine the academic knowledge, artistic creation, improvisation and thinking. The knowledge of the basic rules is a must, but so is ones own artistic thought development, so I try to give the kids confidence in themselves and the set of skills, which would enable them to achieve whatever they want to. Most work we do is either from life or imagination, rarely if ever we work from photograph (unless we need to see how exactly a particular animal looks).

You can see some of my own work here:


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