Elipse ir mazliet “saspiedies” aplis, aplis , kuru mēs skatām nevis no augšas, bet leņķī. Lai saprastu elipses formu, mēs to  konstruējam ar palīglīnijām, izmantojot kvadrātu (arī saspiestu). Tāpat kā aplis kvadrātā, arī elipse savai “kastītei” pieskarās tikai četrās vietās.

Ellipse is a circle, that has been “squashed”.  To understand it’s construction, we need the help of a square, that in the case of an elipse is also “squashed”. Same as the circle that has been drawn in the square, ellipse in the “box” can only touch in 4 points, and then has to move away from the help-lines. Common mistake is to have it clinging half way down to the help -box lines. The ellipse’s edges have to be rounded, not sharp.

Vāzei ir trīs elipses , kuru garums un platums ir atšķirīgs.

Vase has three ellipses that are of different width (perspective) and lengh.


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